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Solution! Change the Context.

\”Solutions come from people who do not accept the limits of the question or problem.\” ~ Dave Moore

‘How come all the commands for a computer come from a keyboard’ …somebody already asked that one; hence they invented a mouse.

It is said that madness is a level very close to genius. People working in either of those contexts can sometimes look alike.

Both look at things in a very different way from your average person. Neither one accepts what is called the norm as being the only way to do things. They do things differently, some better, some silly, but always different.

Never be afraid to ask what on the surface may seem stupid.

Without the question you will never come up with an answer, and your brain will always come up with an answer. Do you think the Internet sounded like a good commercial idea forty years ago? But someone asked the question ‘How can we make computers talk to each other.’ Now when that was first said the reply they got was ‘Computers talk to each other, you must be mad!’

Another old saying “A wise man can learn more from a foolish question, then a fool can from a wise answer.”

Everyone can learn from a question that others fear to ask, or just cannot see. Solutions come from people who do not accept the limits of the question.

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