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Signs? They are all around you!

I woke up at 6am this morning and I spent a few moments lying in bed asking myself; \”What are some of the secrets to success in life?\”

I found the signs right there in my room.

Then I found signs EVERYWHERE I looked!

The signs are in your room too. you just need to look for them….

The fan said,\”be cool\”,

The roof said, \”aim high\”,

The window said, \”see the world\”,

The clock said, \”every minute is precious\”,

The mirror said, \”reflect before you act.\”

The calendar said, \”be up to date\”.

The door said, \”push hard for your goals\”.

The light said \”Always see me.\”

The corner said, \”You can always fight your way out of me.\”

The glass of water said, \”Stay thirsty for knowledge.\”

The shower said \”wash yesterday away, today is a blank canvas\”.

The notebook laughed and said, \”read me for direction.\”

And I can see more of them now I am looking for them.

What signs are there around you? Please share this to motivate people who are important to you.

I posted this because you are important to me.

#HPTTransformation #HPT #HumanPotentialTechnology #Transformation

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