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Robin Williams – Genie, you\’re FREE!…

I have been thinking for the last couple of hours about the late and great  Robin Williams ever since I saw the

news this morning….

Depression is named as the reason for his suicide.

One must understand, that the human spirit, the essence of our being, may not be in alignment or even in Harmonic balance sometimes.…

It is evident occasionally through our words, actions and thoughts but on other occasions this imbalance is purely and solely internal and, if left unattended, can unleash a spiral of destruction on such a scale that one loses sight of the catalyst, believing that it has gone away, when in fact, it insidiously disguises itself within us only to reveal itself at a moment when we have no power to hold it or contain it.

Not only must we look within ourselves for this imbalance, we must be aware of it in others.

Robin Williams was a great success, a famous and well loved man, With a Wife, children, friends, he was by all accounts a caring compassionate man who was a friend to everyone he met and who touched the lives of millions. He had wealth, no financial difficulties and a career behind him and ahead of him….and yet, he took his own life.


As I walk through London, as in many cities around the world, I see penniless, poor individuals with absolutely nothing. No family, no career, nowhere to call home, no idea of what let alone where , they will eat and sleep later. They rely on scraps of food given to them and money dropped into their hands…and yet, they get up and carry on waiting for something to change.

Life is unique, for everyone. It can also be incomprehensible sometimes.

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