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Reality or Construct? You Decide.


When something totally unexpected happens in our life, one normally wonders or asks: \”how do I deal with it?\”

A better question would be, \”When I deal with situations like that, what Realm do I work out of?\”

Consider: There are two different realms that human beings work from inside of. A \’Reality\’ realm called \’What happened\’ and an imaginary realm called \’Story/Interpretation\’.

The \’What happened\’ realm is Reality.  The facts. If you were a fly on the wall you would be able to see exactly what happened.  You would see the facts, you would know exactly what caused something, the content of conversations, the incidents…everything.

Then there is another realm totally unique to human beings because of language and imagination.  It is the interpretation of what may have happened.  A construction by our imagination that builds something totally incorrect.  A story we make up.

All of the interpretation or story you make up is is extremely powerful, and can even be useful as a tool for improving and expanding your mind through creativity as long as you remember that the story you make up, or your interpretation, is not the truth.

Ongoing, we link what happened to the story we create about what happened and we make them one and the same.

The only thing that really happens is the fact.  Let\’s look at a situation involving you.

Situation: He/ She didn\’t call me. Could be a client, could be a potential customer, could be someone you met and gave your phone number to… Story: He/ She didn\’t like me, they were messing me about, I am not good enough for them, they lied to me, they found a better deal somewhere else, they have been injured and can\’t get to a phone…

The only thing that really happened was the… Fact: They lost your number or are just busy and will call you soon, but there really is NO Problem.

Everything other than the fact is a story not based on anything real. But, who created the story?  You did.

If you believe the story rather than what Really Happened then you will reinforce the fact with the story and you are locked in a vicious circle, over and over again.

If you can recognize that what you are concentrating on is a story you created and not the reality, what could you live like?  What could be possible for you?

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