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Over the last few years I have left many messages here on this page, sharing my experience of being injured in the car crash and the resultant change in my training leading me to the current level of training and transformational work I present around the world.

I have also shared insights, and secrets to inner joy, bliss and contentment. I have also given you practical things to do that can make you manifest your goals and dreams in life: helping you get what you want and achieve your desires.

So many people have read these posts and shared with me the miracles that are occurring in their lives by implementing some of the concepts and ideas that I have presented. If you have not read these posts, I encourage you to go back and read these posts in the order they were posted.

This will be a great process that will not only be eye opening, but begin to awaken your own dormant power of attracting and manifesting what you want in life.

As you read these, if you particularly like one of the messages, or if one of the messages causes you to feel tingling, or energy moving up your spine, write down the date the message was posted.

Then, here, post what message or messages you particularly liked. You can write a comment about how that particular message affected you and what you got out of it, or you can just list the dates of the messages you think others would benefit from as you did.

All of you check back here often and see what messages others found particularly helpful.

This is a powerful process for you. For those of you who take the time to do this process, you will see and feel profound benefits in your life. Feel free to comment on those as well.

Have fun! Keep being EPIC in all that you do!

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