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Now is the Time!

When one first went to school, to kindergarten, the idea was to push along until you got into 1st


Then you had to push along some more to get into 2nd grade and then to push along some more to get into high school.

Then there’s the pressure of pushing along even more to get into college and then step by step by step one gets out into the scary real world, where we have no safety net, and then the struggle intensifies.

We reach out for ladders to climb hoping that the ladder we are climbing is against the right wall because so many times one finds that the corporate ladder we have climbed is against the wrong wall, a wall that bears no comparison to another wall and we should have climbed that corporate ladder so we jump from one ladder onto another and we climb that one and when we get to our 40s or thereabouts we wake up and say to ourselves, ‘Huh?’ Have I arrived?’

And then we find ourselves thinking that we feel the same as we did back then at the very beginning. The same way that we have always felt. And we wonder if we haven’t been a little bit cheated.

We have all been fooled.

You are always living for somewhere you are not.

While I say it is of tremendous use for us to be able to look ahead in this way, there is no use planning for the future which, when you get there, it will become the present and you won’t be there.

You will be living in some other future which hasn’t yet arrived.

One is never in this way able to enjoy life in the now.

One cannot live at all unless one can live fully right now.

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