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Fear is very Fashionable!

It is so fashionable to talk about fear in the negative. So much so that everyone is telling us to face our fears. I also hear that it is good to live with \’NO Fear\’! Thanks for that Einstein!!!  Imagine having absolutely no fear. I doubt you would live very long.

\”Courage isn\’t the absence of fear; it\’s the ability to function in spite of fear.\”

Fear gets a bad press in my opinion.

Fear is an emotion, just like any other emotion that we create.  We can look at fear as a bad thing, or a good thing, to have.

Fear doesn\’t always stop us from doing something. It also makes us do something we want, must or need to, more often than we realise.

Fear isn\’t always a limiter, many times it is a liberator.

It is an emotion that sits within us waiting for us to use it.

I have heard the phrase \”People are either running towards something, or running away from something\”.  It is true.  But running from the fear of NOT achieving is a very useful experience.  Wanting to grow, advance and become more is also a version of being afraid of remaining where we are, who we are, and what we are.  Fear can be a launchpad for Transformation because sometimes, we just HAVE to make a massive change.

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