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New Year – New Website – New Name

My Website HPT-Transformation has been offline for a few weeks now because of a major re-engineering of the whole

thing which resulted from me mentioning that the site needed a bit of a shake-up.  I don\’t know what would have happened if I had suggested re-engineering!!!!  In January 2016 the new site with the new Company Name will go live and I will be very pleased.

Over the past couple of weeks on various Google Hang outs and Blabs I have commented on my company being a hive of Controlled Madness and Organised Chaos.  Here are a few examples but first…

I am a firm believer in a corporate culture.  Hey, I worked in a double breasted suit and tie in a Blue Chip Company as their Sales and Marketing Director and National Sales Trainer so I know what I am talking about. When you are sitting at a stiff, proper, blue chip board room table with thirty other people, it can be difficult to find a startling, off the wall, madcap, insane, nuts idea being raised.  So many people fear suggesting something outrageous.  I hate that.

Brainstorming or crowdsourcing or whatever you want to call it brings these ideas out but I believe if you cultivate a culture of what Richard Branson calls \’Screw it, let\’s do it\’ then no idea is held back, no idea is too extreme and outrageous and that culture is a culture of growth.

Here is the culture of growth I work in…

All Photographs (c) David Moore 2004-2015

 The Gun Bunker

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