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My First iPhone – AKA missing in action

Day 1. Getting to know the phone. Day 2. Spent whole day speaking to Siri. Day 3 Discovered that the voice activation works very well. Day 4. Looked at Apps. Took panoramic pics!!! Need a beach! Day 5. Wondered why battery wasn\’t lasting. Deleted some apps. Day 6. Wrestled with different notification settings to stop Battery drain. Day 7. Discovered I can do hang outs on the phone! Day 8. Discovered Instagram apps Day 9. Face Time!!!! Day 10. Took Slow Motion movie…amazed. Day 11. Took Time-Lapse movie…Stunned. Day 12. Still don\’t know what my phone number is! Day 13. First phone call made!…….. Day 14. Transferred phone book from BB to iPhone Day 15. Remembered no one knows my new phone number. (Hmmmm, tempting) Day 16. Very happy, back in the real world now.

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