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Live How You Want to!!

Here\’s a quote that I think it sums up one of the main tenets of Human Potential Technology.

\”Live your life and forget about your age. That\’s the difference that makes the difference. A lot of people live their age and forget they have a life!\” David Moore – HPT-Transformation

It was an off the cuff remark at a Seminar in London a while back and when I said it I had to stop and think about it because it came from nowhere.  I said it without thinking, and as I hadn\’t heard myself say it before I was stunned…Just one of those occasions when, during a seminar, a question is asked and I make some sort of comeback.

But how right is it? 

Have you noticed when you watch a movie from the 60s or 70s how old people look? You think they are 50 but actually they are 35!  All the joy and energy seems to have been sucked out of them and they are older than their years.

They are not living life, they are living their age. 

If you are going to do that why not pick an age that you really enjoyed and stick at it.  OK you may get older on paper but in the mind, where it really counts, you can stay 35 or whatever age is right for you.

Don\’t succumb to getting old in thought.  It will not serve you. Take risks, take chance and seize the moment.

Remember, it is NEVER too late to have a happy childhood! 😉

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