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Level of Thought

I have no idea if this is a quote from Einstein.

It is attributed to him but there are a lot of books, websites and forums that say it is a quote merely attributed to him. There is no emperical proof that he said it.

Whoever said it was absolutely right though!

A problem is created from a level of thought.  Once we create that problem, or the circumstances that create that problem, we have to change that thought process to fix it.  If we don\’t, we will be forever bound to the mindset of problem creating and not problem fixing.

We make one major mistake!

We assume that a higher level of thinking is required to solve the issue.  This kind of thinking, as has been demonstrated over the years, is totally wrong!

Sometimes it takes ages, years, for someone to come up with an answer.  That\’s because of two reasons. 1. They are working along the same guidelines, principles and thought processes that created the problem in the first place, and 2. They are so close and engaged with the problem from a perception of \’solving\’ that they can see nothing other than the problem.

Amateurs have been known to solve very complex problems that scientists have laboured over for years.

People can get \’caught up\’ in a problem.  They engage with it, stay with it and eventually see nothing but the problem.

But sometimes, a fresh pair of eyes, like a consultant with no need to conform to red tape, policy, protocols and guidelines can look at something and see exactly what needs to be altered, changed or transformed to make it work.


A truck is travelling along a country lane; the driver takes a blind bend and sees a low-level bridge straight in front of him. He hits the brakes, but he’s too late. The truck slides into the bridge and is stuck fast. The driver attempts everything but his truck just wont move. Hours later the Police and Fire brigade are there trying to release the truck. The road is closed off and it’s starting to get dark. The Firemen are just about to start dismantling the bridge when a small child rides past on his pushbike. He looks up at the Police and shouts \”Hey, Mister, why don’t you let the tyres down?\” 


A delegation of Dutch prison officers visit an English prison and are amazed at a very large and expensive looking piece of steel machinery on wheels.  It has claws, a battering ram and large pistons.

“What\’s that?”  They ask.

The prison governor puffs his chest out and says:

“This is the latest state of the art piece of kit to deal with prisoners barricading themselves in their cell.  It can push the door in and then clamp and lift the door off.  It costs £150,000.  I bet you would like one of these to deal with your prisoners who barricade themselves in!”

“No need,” explains the Dutch official. “All our cell doors open outwards.”

Sometimes the obvious is just TOO obvious to be seen if you focus on the problem rather than the solution. 

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