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Is That A Pack of Dogs in my Boardroom/ Office/ Timeline?

If you are a Leader and you want to be followed blindly, without question, with obedience, servitude and adoration…get a DOG!

Friends are great.  Of course they are. And people who agree with you are good too, as long as they really mean it…. adoring sycophantic acolytes are to be avoided at all costs.

Why would you, a real leader, surround yourself with people who just blindly agree and nod their head at everything you say and do?  A group of people who, to all intents and purposes, are JUST LIKE YOU!

Why would you want a team or group of people who do nothing but blow sunshine up your ass?

Do you REALLY think that you will make ANY progress in life or business by having a support group around you who do nothing but tell you \’You\’re right!\’ or \’I agree!\’ or \’Fantastic idea!\’ and never EVER question you about ANYTHING?

How long before you start to think \’I wonder what they say when I am not around?\’…\’I wonder what they DO when I am not around?\’  It won\’t be long before you start thinking that as soon as you shut that door or put the phone down, they all throw their heads back and laugh like maniacs.

It\’s not paranoia, it\’s human nature.  Surely there comes a time when all that ass kissing makes you think, \’Is this for real?\’

I have always subscribed to the belief that if two people in your organization say the same things, do the same things, have the same opinions, think the same things, believe the same things…sack one of them….they are walking overhead!

What you need to do as a leader is mentor, drive, empower and teach your team how to fly. I am a believer in teaching people how to \’think different\’.  In doing all of that, you are going to learn a lot from them as well as them learning from you. 

What the hell are you going to learn from a group of people who can\’t think for themselves and rely on you to give them an idea or a thought that they can agree with?

If you go through life surrounded by people blowing sunshine up your keister then you are going nowhere.  And it will not be long before you start to believe your own hype. 

Again, I quote Monty Pythons Life of Brian: Brian: You are all individuals… Lone Voice in Crowd: I\’m not!

You need a group or a team of people with their own minds, own ideas, own brains, who interact, question, agree with you only when they really do agree with you, and are there to learn and to teach others (including you).

If nobody disagrees with you, questions your motives and ideas, or tells you \’thats a really bad idea\’ you are going to start believing that you can do no wrong and, guess what?  YOU CAN DO A LOT OF WRONG!!

There are a lot of tribes, clubs, cliques, communities, groups and teams who empower, enrich, push, mentor, drive and coach each other to do more, do better, and go further.  It is all down to the Leader encouraging that.

If you are part of a \’my way or the highway\’ collective….its a highway to nowhere….you deserve better!

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