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Hidden Messages

This quote, which is attributed to a lot of people but I believe is by Wayne Dyer, seems to be very relevant when I speak to people.

So many people put their hand up and ask questions in the seminars about the things they are \’doing\’ in their lives that are not working for them and then I discover that they have a love, or a desire, or a talent to do something that they are NOT doing.

Sometimes I feel like the Idiot Whisperer!  I have said in my seminars that I feel like the Idiot Whisperer when I speak with people sometimes, so I am not saying this for the first time,  I truly feel like that.  I don\’t say it to be nasty or malicious, I say it because some people have all the answers in front of them, or in their head, on how to live the life they want, on how to be happy and successful and they STILL do something else, they focus elsewhere, and wonder why they failed.

I give them all the answers they need, all the tips, tools and techniques and I follow it up with a personal guarantee which is UNHEARD of in the personal development or Psychology world. I tell them \”I can GUARANTEE that if you do NOTHING with all the information I have given you, it will definitely not work!

People want to be happy, be a success, have money, have relationships, have a better job…whatever it is and yet…they focus on the perceived target, the bullseye, pull the arrow back, they stare at the target, then…they lose focus, fire, and miss the target, shooting some guy in the ass who was mowing his lawn in the next field!

A lot of the time, even MOST of the time, the answer is very simple.  Inside of you there is music playing, a song being sung….and you are not letting it out.

Nothing annoys me more than seeing and speaking with someone who knows exactly what to do to be happy, successful, rich, loved, surrounded by people, surrounded by family, and to see them do something else.  They know what they need to do but they just don\’t do it.  They get sidetracked, they lose focus.  They think if it is something they like doing, if it is something they enjoy then…that can\’t be it.  It is supposed to be hard work, sweat, tears, pain, torture…NO IT IS NOT!

Why don\’t people just do what they KNOW they should do?  Why make it more difficult than it is?

The difference between being an idiot and being stupid is simple.  Idiocy is not knowing what to do when you have all the opportunity in the world to find out.  Stupidity is simple: it\’s knowing what to do but not doing it.

So what is the hidden message in this?  Brace yourself, it\’s upsetting and it\’s a shocker.

It\’s laziness.  You don\’t perceive it as important enough for you to get off your backside and do something about it.  If you did see it as important enough then you would find a way, whatever it takes, to do it.

If your life, your wellbeing, your family, your health, your future depends on you doing this, what message are you sending out to your family, your partner, your kids, the universe?

The message you convey is this. You can walk up to your partner or spouse, your kids, your family and say, \”This weekend I discovered how to be successful.  I was given the guide, the master plan of how to live the life we have been dreaming of.  I know what it takes to make sure we have a full bank account.  I know what I need to do to make sure all your college fees are paid for.  I know what it takes to make our lives successful and enriched.  I know what it takes to live the life we were destined to live, I know what it takes….but I don\’t love you enough to do what it takes!\”

That is the hidden message.  And some people are unconsciously saying it to themselves every day when they look in the mirror.

If you don\’t know what to do, then that\’s a shame. But if yo know what to do and you don\’t do it…shame on YOU!

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