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Have YOU Got the Answer Yet?

So many Guru\’s telling you they are an EXPERT!

So many of them promising to tell you how to be successful, but then forget to.

So many of their books saying they are going to change your life but don\’t.

All those seminars that promise so much but deliver so little…

What about the ones that tell you they are going to \’show you\’ how to change your life but just go on and on and on about how they changed their own life without giving you ANY details you could take away and implement or any indication of what they did?

Or the people who tell you to just \’Make a Wish\’ or \’Ask the Universe\’ for what you want, as if that\’s all you need to do?

What about the ones who offer you a free information pack and THEN tell you that to find anything usable you have to buy the 25 DVD set or attend the £5000 Seminar to get the information you really want? And even THEN you have to sign up for numerous downloads and books….

What about the think and grow rich people?  OK I admit having the right mindset is key, but…that isn\’t all of it.  No amount of wishing for something is going to make it materialise.  I agree it focuses your mind on what you want but if you do nothing to go and get what you want, it isn\’t going to magically appear under its own steam.

\’What you think about, and talk about, comes about!\’  Have you heard THAT one?  That gem comes from \’The Secret\’ book and movie.

Here\’s a secret for you…it is wrong!  Here\’s the truth: What you think about, talk about, and get off your butt and DO SOMETHING about is what comes about!

You can touch yourself rich!  Really?…..\’Touch Yourself Rich\’ is a program out there where people believe that \’you will get rich if you touch yourself in a certain way!\’  Is that right?

You can touch yourself until you are happy, But,  YOU ARE NOT TOUCHING YOURSELF TO GET RICH!  If that worked I would have been a Billionaire by the time I was fourteen!!!!

What IS it with all this stuff?

These are people who got rich by writing books about how to get rich.  Most of these \’Gurus\’ were not rich, successful, happy or \’living the dream\’ before they wrote the book.  They wrote the book to get the money, the life, the dream.

Great ideas with the Missing Key. Seminars that hold back the vital ingredient that makes it work. Books that promise you something that isn\’t even in there, the answer you wanted.

These books are very good.  They explain a lot.  They show you what can be achieved.  But there is a problem with them…they ALL miss the most important secret key ingredient that makes the information REALLY work, and work FAST!

That’s why most people who read them do not get results. Most of the people who buy and read these books get all excited about their life changing, getting that new job, new car, new partner and that ability to have some salary left at the end of the month rather than some month left at the end of the salary!  Then, the reality sets in.  They do everything those books suggest and they wait, and they wait, and they wait…and NOTHING has changed! 

Quite naturally, people will believe that they did one of three things:

1. I did something wrong…You didn’t!

2. I didn’t do it right…You did! 3. I missed something…No you didn’t!!

The third one is almost right! In actual fact, you didn’t miss anything, it just wasn’t there!

It’s very hard to miss something if it isn’t there in the first place.

The fact is that there IS a MISSING KEY that has been PURPOSELY OMITTED from these books and others like them! This KEY INGREDIENT makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE!

Within 24 hours I will tell you how to get it…and I promise…No long term, buy this, buy that, attend this, listen to this snake oil techniques.  Just a very simple \’Here it is\’.

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