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The answer is simple: NO.

A lot of people will now say \’Aha!  I knew it, he can\’t guarantee me the same level of success in my life as in his!  I bet it doesn\’t work.\’

Truth is, that response comes from a short sighted, glass half-empty, kind of mentality. It\’s the mindset of a person who has preconditioned their failure and will accept nothing but failure so that they can be proved right.  Isn\’t that a great context to work out of?

The reason I can\’t guarantee you will be at the same level of success in life as me is because you could quite easily far exceed my success!

So, if you are one of these people who think it won\’t work for you, you are right, it won\’t, and that is YOUR FAULT.

If you want a guarantee then here it is: \”If you do absolutely nothing, if you do not buy this program, if you buy it and do nothing with the information…it will definitely not work!\” 

But if you buy it, you focus, you concentrate, you accept the information and you listen and take action… get ready to be the person you were destined to be!

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