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Ergo, it\’s the EGO!

If you want to be able to manifest what you want fast and easily, and have inner

peace/bliss/joy/contentment, then there are 2 areas you should look at as indicators as to your progress.

Do you have a strong sense of self importance, and do you have a strong craving for acceptance from others (a desire for others to think and say good things about you)? 

Ask yourself to what degree does it upset you when others do not give you credit, say or think bad things about you, or do bad things to you? 

Do you feel self conscious that other people are \”looking at you\”, and/or how others \”see\” or perceive you? These indicators tell you how much the mind/ego is in charge.

When the mind/ego is in charge, you cannot have lasting or complete inner serenity, tranquility, equanimity, peace, harmony, bliss, joy, happiness, satisfaction and contentment. You will always have a roller coaster ride of emotions. When your mind/ego is in charge, even if you do manifest \”material things\” like money, it will never give you lasting satisfaction. You will always feel you need a little more and will always have a deep inner sense that \”something is missing\” in my life. You will always be disillusioned, and unfulfilled.

Think of all the rich and famous who \”have it all\” but have no satisfaction/contentment because their ego/mind is in charge, and they wind up committing suicide. 

Now think of the thousands of people sleeping rough on the streets, the homeless.  They have no idea when they will eat next, drink next, where they will sleep that night, and have a very uncertain future ahead of them with no money and possessions but…they get up every single day and carry on.

You can lose the ego/mind and let your inner SELF, the real you, shine out. When this happens you truly do have it all: peace that surpasses all human comprehension and all the material \”stuff\” your heart desires. You attain complete satisfaction, and contentment. I am now teaching this in the HPT-Transformation Seminars.  Part of which you can hear by clicking HERE.

Keep being EPIC in all that you do.

Dave Moore

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