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Beware False Profits/ Prophets

I have heard more and more about perfection in the last few days from all different angles…

Aren’t these three comments great? How many so called self help people tell you this:

  1. \”My life is perfect\”

  2. \”Everything I want comes to me\”

  3. \”I have no worries, concerns or fears\”

Have you heard these from people: friends, strangers, mentors, gurus?

Why don\’t we throw a few more comments in?

  1. \”When I wake in the morning my bed makes itself\”

  2. \”My clothes fly out of my closet neatly pressed and onto my body\”

  3. \”All the cars get out of my way when I am driving\”

I have news for you…

The first three comments come from liars.

The second three comments come from the same people but you don\’t believe those three, they sound like jokes.

Well, the first three are jokes too!  And so are the people who tell you them.

The perfect person doesn\’t have any fear, insecurity or negativity.

The perfect person doesn\’t drink.

The perfect person doesn\’t smoke.

The perfect person doesn\’t fail.

The perfect person doesn\’t get upset.

The perfect person doesn\’t get angry or sad or confused…..

…The perfect person doesn\’t exist!

NOBODY has a life free of concern, fear, insecurity, self doubt or negativity. You get these feelings every now and then because, shock horror, you are HUMAN!

DO NOT follow or listen to people who tell you otherwise, because they are lying and hiding behind a facade.  Worse is that they are lying to themselves if they believe it.

A true friend, mentor, trainer or \’guru\’ (I hate that word) is a human being.  Not some elevated being that has transcended to a new plane of awareness.  They are in the real world, with real people, with abilities and teachings, not mystical powers.

We all have concerns, fears, insecurities, self doubts and negativity in our lives, I do, just as much as you do.  I have learned to control them and see them for what they really are, and not for more than they are.

That is all you need to do too.  All you need is help to do it.  All you need to know is how to do it.

Life is a roller coaster, it has its ups and downs. Instead of lying on the track waiting to be run over, come and find out how to get back in the car and enjoy the ride.

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