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Because, you\’re WORTH it!

We all fall into the trap. We become so competent at what we do, so expert, it becomes an innate ability or so natural we can relax and just \’do it\’ without thinking…. …it is at THIS POINT that we start to wonder if what we are doing has value.

If it isn\’t hard work, how can it be good, correct, worthwhile?

The fact is that we become so in tune with what we do that magic is created and we become one with our area of expertise.

We become Unconsciously Competent at what we are doing and work isn\’t \’work\’ any longer.

Never ever forget that what you do is valuable and in many cases INVALUABLE!.

It is only easy for you because you are so, so, capable at what you do. To others, it is hard work.

That\’s why they hire you.

If it WAS easy to do what you do, everyone would be doing it!

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