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Be The You-Nique YOU!

Reference the past, think of the past but do not carry it around with you. Ahead of you is any kind of future you want. You just have to understand that you are the only You-nique you there is, and your future is in your hands. The circumstances of your life are your own creation.

If you can look in the mirror and say to yourself \’everything in my life right now is down to me. It\’s all my fault. It\’s all my doing. The good and the bad\’ then you become empowered. When you realise that everything in your life is the result of the thoughts you had, decisions and choices you made, and the responses you gave; You will have control and you have account-ability. You have the ability to account for everything.  That is what makes you You-Nique!

Many people get discouraged when they look at what has happened so far in their lives. They say, \”I guess I just wasn\’t cut out to be a success.\” or  \”I\’ve never really made anything work for me.\”

Every successful person knows that when it comes to success, the past does not dictate the future. If you look at your current results to define who you are and how successful you can be, you may disempower yourself and even limit your future success. It\’s like driving to work and figuring out where to turn by looking into the rearview mirror instead of at the road ahead of you. It doesn\’t produce good results.

Your current situation is the direct result of your past thoughts, decisions and actions. If you look at your current situation and make decisions about who you are and what you can have based on those results, then you will repeat the same thoughts, decisions and perhaps even actions that got you where you are today. What this guarantees is that you will get the same results again and end up with more of whatever you have now.

When you change your thoughts, you will change your results. If you understand this principle, you can change your life. True success begins only when you turn away from the things you don\’t want and begin to focus on what you do want. Repeating affirmations, repeating empowering phrases and having positive thoughts is a waste of time if you are uncertain of your own true self\’s power and ability.  your words sound right, your actions seem true, but the message is diluted.

Saying things once, or hundreds of times, without passion, energy or ownership is pointless. Engaging with it, owning it, feeling it and using the energy of it is where the magic begins.

Saying something again and again, louder and louder will not make it the truth.

If you say it from a context of truth and authority just once, with conviction and authenticity, it will make it a reality.

The truth is always found in the circumstances you have, not the circumstances you had, or want.

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