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Autopilot responses

So many people walk around on Autopilot. So many people have an Autopilot response to questions or situations.

In the Seduction Community, STILL headed by it\’s creator Ross Jeffries, one of the main tenets is, \’Never take a first response as written in stone. It\’s just an autopilot response and it is also something to play with.\’

It\’s just a response that emanates from where that person is right now.\’

What do you say to a Big Issue seller? What do you say to Jehovahs Witnesses? What do you say to a clipboard carrying student grinning maniacally at you in a shopping center?

What do you say to yourself in day to day situations?

How many times have you pitched a product or service only to hear, \’we are not interested!\’ That\’s just a weak, pointless, gutless, cop-out of an autopilot response.

All objections are state related. Some of the state related objections are autopilot responses.

If you want examples of Autopilot responses ask for a regular size quarter pounder meal in McDonalds and you will be asked. \’Is that a large meal?\’

Ask for a portion of fries and you will be asked, \’Do you want fries with that?\’

I had builders working in my home and deciding to buy the 6 of them lunch, and being a very classy kind of guy, I drove to McDonalds. Remember this… 1.It was empty. 2.The car park was empty. 3. Two staff behind the counter watched me get out of the MooreMobile and walk in alone.

\”Hi, can I have three quarter pounder with cheese meals, all with Cokes. Two Big-Mac meals with Fanta orange and a Chicken Sandwich meal with a Lemonade. Also can I have 6 Apple Pies please.\”

And then auto pilot took over and the girl asked, \”Is that to eat here?\”

I considered a barrage of answers but settled for, \”Do you REALLY think that would be possible for me?\”

Coming to her senses she shook her head and laughed.

It\’s dangerous to think that sometimes people are walking around on this Autopilot setting. Worse, are the ones who are driving!

How many times have you driven somewhere and not remembered the journey? How many times have you driven your usual route to work only to realise that THAT was the day you were going somewhere else on the way to work first?

If you catch yourself responding to something in the same way you have always done, think for a second. What would happen IF you did something different?

The lights may be on but…is anyone at home in your head?

Disengage it!

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