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Ana Hillis – Content Reimagined

They say that everyone has at least one book inside them…

It\’s a great shame that that is exactly where they stay. Some people never get their ideas down on paper. Then again, having read thousands of them myself, some people shouldn\’t!

If you have a book inside you and you think, when you read others efforts, \’I have a better idea than that\’ or if you dream of being a published author but have no idea how to go about it, take a trip to

This is a website run by Ana Hillis, a very talented lady, but don\’t just take MY word for it…it says on the website: Ana Hillis is a former executive assistant (and genuine smart ass with a really warped sense of humor) who worked in the Corporate World editing, proofreading and formatting documents for over 15 years. She has brought this experience into the online world where she works with Entrepreneurs to help them write their books by repurposing their existing content and helps them build their reputations and expert status with creativity and style, not to mention she has fun doing it. People that aren’t fun, need not apply.

So get that book out of your head and onto Amazon by checking out her website or twitter page @anahillis

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