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Some great pieces of advice for anyone in Sales.

It isn\’t personal: if they tell you to go away \’or worse\’ they are talking to the product/ company, not you.

If they say \’No\’ it means \’not now\’, it isn\’t permanent.

If they tell you \’I am not interested\’ it\’s because you haven\’t told them anything to be interested in yet.

Don\’t fear the word \’No\’. If you get a lot of \’No\’s\’ count them and see how many you get before someone says \’Yes\’.  Next time someone says \’No\’ just think, \’I only need about three more and someone will buy\’.

In fact, go out and see how many people say \’no\’, someone will ruin it and buy from you! 😉

And above all else, always keep in mind, SWSWSWN

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