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I am certain that many people reading this will disagree and hail Apple as the all seeing all knowing life enhancing company that it probably is on many counts but as far as a cell phone service provider they are seriously lacking in customer service and customer care.

The iStore is totally inaccessible in the UK via your iPhone.  Only by looking online will you find that out.  One person has posted at the Apple Forum saying that they went into an Apple store and found that they had no way of connecting either.  So if Apple can\’t connect to themselves, how are they going to fix it?

A call made to the help desk found them to be completely UNAWARE that there was a problem. They then put people on hold for ages while finding a reason, which in the end turned out to be \’We are looking into it\’.

In other words, while they \’look into it\’ we, the consumer, can only \’look at it\’ as most of the apps that now say they need updating won\’t update nor work correctly.

Some users, unaware that Apple was down, even restored their phones to Factory Settings.  Surely a text message to all phones could have been sent, in this day and age, considering you claim so often to know where every iPhone is located: you must know who your customers are?

Here\’s one message online… \”Just spoken to Apple customer services UK and the agent was unaware of the issue until I told her to pick up her own phone and attempt to download an app. She said “Oh, yes I seem to be having the same error” and put me on hold. She then came back and said “We are aware of an outage but I don’t know how long it’s going to take, please try again in about an hour”…

Update 7:  We’re continuing to try to contact Apple but at this point we’ve received no reply to our emails and no one’s picking up the phone.

Update 8: Apple has updated its developer status page but iTunes isn’t on it. The support status page still shows iTunes working fine and dandy.

I called the helpdesk and the lady there also said she was unaware also that there was an issue with the iPhone and iTunes after the latest IOS update, so I asked her to test it with her own cell phone.  The response I got was \’Oh I haven\’t got an iPhone, I have a BlackBerry!!\’

So have I Apple, so have I, and I am reaching for it now, or the Samsung, or the Nokia…

Oh and there\’s just one more thing…Dear Apple, If you are going to compensate users for the loss of services on their iPhones can you please NOT insult us with a free U2 album. Bono is enough to tip us over the edge!

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