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6 Days in: How Is Your Year So Far?

I know…it\’s only the 6th of January but be honest, what happened to the New Year Resolutions you had? Are you… STILL going to the gym? STILL eating right? STILL working on all the things you want to do? STILL……………..? STILL……………..? Yeah I know, it\’s hard.

Has it occurred to you that if you want the things in your life to change you have to change the things in your life? It\’s not about what you want to do…it\’s really about stopping all the things you DON\’T want to do.

Have you fallen foul of seeking all the things you want instead of letting go of all the things you should stop?

When someone asks you \’What\’s your new year resolution\’ do you start with  \’I am going to be/ start/ have/ get\’ etc?

I bet you can\’t believe it\’s been a year since you didn\’t stick to your resolutions before.

Why don\’t you stop?  That\’s right…STOP!

Stop some of the things you keep on doing that are not helping you, not empowering you, and certainly not aiding your personal growth.

Do you moan about things all the time?  Stop! Do you see things negatively? Stop! Do you keep doing things in the hope of a different result? Stop! Do you try to help loads of people at the cost of helping yourself? Stop! Do you have a/ some habit(s) that you know you should not do? Stop! Do you think things are not worth starting because you won\’t achieve it? Stop!

If you look at some of your behaviours over the last year and you see that you are no nearer right now to the goal you set last year, why are you going to do the same thing this year that you know didn\’t work last year?

STOP!  Do something else.  You can do that any day of the year, not just January 1st!  If you Stop some of your behaviours and beliefs You can #Own2016  and instead of resolutions, let\’s turn our dreams into plans, our plans into reality…and our reality into our LEGACY

#HPTTransformation #HPT #HumanPotentialTechnology #Transformation

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