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2nd wave of Seminar dates released.

HPT-Transformation 2016 Schedule.

The remaining 2016 Dates and Locations for the HPT-Transformation Seminars are now released. All events will culminate with a firewalk. Each seminar is a three day event. . Registration is at 8am. Event commences at 9am on each Friday and at 8am Saturday and Sunday. Each day ends at 10pm latest.


• The seminar room will be air conditioned. The air conditioning will be turned to full power. IF IN DOUBT – BRING A SWEATER.

• Resist the temptation to spend late nights studying or socializing. Get plenty of sleep every night. You will need it to absorb what you will be hearing.

• Excessive alcohol and the taking of any drugs other than those prescribed by your doctor will reduce your ability to process the information you are being given. This includes the overnight breaks between seminar days.

• DO NOT sit next to anyone you know or came with during the training. Do make connection with the other people. One of the great side benefits of attending is the chance to make some genuine, lasting friendships with other people.

• Do be advised, throughout the training, there WILL be guests. All of these guests are personally invited by Dave Moore. They will be introduced to you at the start of each session. The Trainer may bring some of them in front of the room so you can see this work live, in action. Some guests will be on stage and will take part in the training directly.

• No bombarding of the guests with questions during breaks. They are there to demo and to talk. Any questions should come during the training sessions.

• You must be prepared to be asked up on stage to take part in some exercises with the Trainer, either individually or in a group.

• No timepieces are permitted to be worn in the seminar room. No watches, pocket watches or any other timepiece is permitted. Any contravention may result in removal.

• No mobile/ cell phones are to be used in the seminar room. ALL mobile/ cell phones MUST be switched off. Any mobile/ cell phone to be found in the seminar room, switched on or not, may result in the owner of the phone being removed from the seminar room.

(If the sole purpose is to take photographs then there will be photo opportunity at the close of the seminar when the trainer and team will be happy to have photographs taken).

• No recording devices are permitted. No recording of the seminar by attendees is permitted. Any contravention may result in the person being removed.

• Break times will be outlined prior to the commencement of the seminar and will be strictly adhered to.

• Each seminar day will end when the Trainer and the team have completed the days schedule and are sufficiently certain that all of the delegates have understood the days training.

• No talking or general conversation on any level is permitted between you and your neighbors in the audience during the seminar.

• If you come to the seminar as a group or with a fellow attendee, or if you strike up a conversation with any fellow attendees prior to the seminar commencing please refrain from sitting with them in the audience. Do not sit next to, in front or behind, anyone you know. Sitting with people you have no connection with; however slight, will enhance your concentration.

• Note Taking of ANY kind during the seminar is strictly forbidden. There is no need to make any notes about the training. You do not need to try to remember the training, it is designed and delivered so that you remember it naturally.

• Any questions you have will only be answered during the allotted times or by a prompt from the Trainer. Please wait for the microphone before asking. This will allow the fellow attendees to hear your question as well as the answer.

• If you see the Trainer sitting off by themselves during any breaks, meditating or doing breathing exercises, LET THEM BE! They are recharging so they can give you their best.

• No food or drink is to be consumed in the seminar room.

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