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© David Moore PhD


The Firewalk Experience is one of the most talked about events within the REGENERETICS program.

It is also one of the most popular.


The Firewalk is a metaphor for facing our fears.


Courage is not the absence of fear,

but the ability to act in spite of fear.




"Can a man walk on burning red hot coals without burning his feet?"Proverbs 6.28


The answer is ‘yes’ and hundreds of thousands of people who have already walked on fire will agree.

The biggest question is: If you consider the point of burn for Aluminium is 1100 degrees and for paper

it’s at 451 degrees (remember the film and book Fahrenheit 451?) how is it that a person can walk

over a fire bed burning at over 1200 degrees and not get burnt, considering human flesh burns at 300



The two-hour training seminar prior to the walk itself contains lessons and exercises in personal

development that can be transferred into all areas of your life, not just for firewalking or glasswalking

or any other event.


It is all about state management, acting in spite of fear, reframing situations, transformation, eradicating limiting

beliefs and designing the real you. No hypnosis is needed for this.


The exercises are wild, unusual and mind altering in themselves. They are designed to give your emotions and

senses a wake up to get you to ‘step out of yourself’ and help you realise your real potential.


For more in depth information on how a Firewalk can be integrated into the seminar we will provide for you

please contact us via the email link on the home page or just click HERE.

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