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Wouldn\’t it be Epic to just do this…?

Wouldn\’t it be great if we could just do this once in a while? Fail.

Because if we just did that, and realised that failing doesn\’t make us a failure, we can move on.

Unfortunately, we are in a society where we give things labels

Labels. Why oh why do we have give things labels?  I wondered where it would all end, this labelling.  It hasn\’t ended, but it has ventured into a dangerous area.

Because now we have a set of labels for failure!  A very empowering set of labels!!

Not only that, we actually elevate the fail to something else: an EPIC fail!!

I think it is great to be Epic in life.  If you live your life in an epic way it means you make a difference to yourself and all those around you but, your failures?  Why do we put a cloak on them and give them superpowers?

The predicate of Epic is not alone.  Massive, Super, Omni, Extreme and my personal favourite: UBER!!  Wow, how massive does that failure sound now?

If we make our failures big things we are also making it incredibly difficult for ourselves to get over, under, around or through them.

You see, people do not get stuck in what happened to them, They get stuck in the significance of the event.

There are certain things you can only know, believe, understand or live if you create them yourself.  If we are consciously creating a context of Epic for our failures and mistakes, we are making them significant events.  As I said, that failure becoming a significant event will mean we will be stuck. Replaying that movie in our mind, reliving again and again that significant \’epic\’ fail to such an extent that it will preclude us from starting again.

Choose your words carefully.  If you want to be epic, be an epic success.  Be an Epic person, friend, spouse or partner.  Keep the fails in the context they belong.

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