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Unusual Closes

In response to a lot of emails from my pals in Advertising sales, here are the \’Unusual Closes\’ you requested. These have been tried and tested and a lot of people are spending a lot of money thanks to these. No 1 Picture yourself at an airport, looking up at the screen that says ‘departures’. You want to fly from New York to LA. There is a flight that leaves in 1 hour with a stop in Chicago, and there is a non-stop flight that leaves in 5 hours. You think about it…should you take the early flight or non stop? You walk around and think about it and then you realize that the early flight, with the Chicago stop, gets you to LA earlier than the direct flight. But, before you realized it, the early plane has taken off. The decision has been made for you – you didn’t make the decision. Time made it for you. You lost your opportunity! We are in the same situation here today. If you don’t make a decision, time will make the decision for you. You will lose the opportunity. Can you make the decision right now?


I find that when I think about placing an advertisement, and you wonder if this is the best option for you, I know that you, like us, realize that this is a totally unique platform to stand upon.


Imagine a time in your future, say six months from now, when you are getting calls and business from all over the world, as you look back at today, don\’t you feel glad you made the decision to buy, right now?


This is far more qualified than just advertising, advertising is merely promoting your company in the hope that it may influence others to work with you. Well, we already have members who, we know, are in need of the kind of service you are able to provide and who will work with companies who we recommend. So, in real terms, by being involved in this, it’s as if these members have already expressed an interest in your business and now, you are simply providing them with the information they have already asked for.


This may seem expensive if you compare it to other opportunities on a cost per thousand basis. I can think of many mediums in which you can promote yourself to far more people for less money. If it’s numbers you are after. The real value inherent within this initiative is two fold. First, the perception of endorsement that your company will receive from us by your involvement, because our members trust it implicitly to give them nothing but the best advice. Second, it has already been established that there is a need among the membership for your service, so therefore the response is far greater and a tangible result is inevitable.

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