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The Movie In Your Mind!

The Lion King. I saw the movie when it came out in 1994. I saw the Video! And then the DVD. When I was in Disneyland in Florida in 1998 we went to see the live show in the Animal Kingdom. I then saw the Stage Show in London. I have seen enough of the Lion King so I won\’t be bothering with the 3D version blueray DVD.


Isn\’t it amazing how often children watch the same DVD over and over again and never complain? They only complain if you don\’t let them watch it. How many times has the Lion King been in and out of your DVD player?

Now, I can watch a DVD again and again. Something like The Godfather, Hannibal Lecter movies or The Pink Panther movies. Perhaps your preference is Star Wars or Lord of the Rings? I admit that, when I am asked what my favourite Christmas movie is I get stunned looks when i say: \”DIE HARD,  Yeah, the first one, with Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber…Nakatomi Building, Christmas Eve Robbery, guns explosions…\”

Whatever it is, we do it. And sometimes we see something, or understand something, that we didn\’t \’get\’ or that we missed the first or last time.  I can\’t tell you how many times I have seen Glengarry Glen Ross or the Tom Ripley movies like Ripley\’s Game or The Talented Mr Ripley.

I am the same with books. They can be Thomas Harris Lecter thrillers or James Herbert horror novels or Patricia Highsmith psychological Ripley books, they can be books that are relevant to personal development, NLP, Hypnosis, Persuasion etc.

Its just that SOMETIMES we read or see something that resonates more than before.

Unfortunately this is what some adults do with their days. I say unfortunately because they don\’t do it in a GOOD way. The majority of men and women play a movie in their mind. And they do this day after day, relentlessly focusing on past events, most of which are unpleasant and disturbing experiences. Arguments and fights. Bad experiences. Failures.

They get so good at it that they can remember entire arguments. THEN they rewrite it and imagine themselves saying things they hadn\’t and WINNING an argument they may have lost, or saying things they hadn\’t thought of at the time.

At some point they realise that this is having a negative effect on them so they then allow impressions of their current surroundings and recent results to dominate their thoughts.

If they contemplate the future then it is usually by worrying about it, or wishing that something better might come along.

Then they wonder why bad things keep happening to them, or why they never rise above the issues and obstacles in their lives.

People are free to think anything they want but I know one thing for sure. If you keep doing the same thing your results will never improve.

An image in your mind is the first stage of the creative process in life. From your imagination your visions and plans arise.

Napoleon Hill wrote, \”You will never have a definite purpose in life; you will never have self confidence; you will never have initiative and leadership unless you first create these qualities in your imagination and see yourself in possession of them.\” He went on to say, \”… imagination is the most marvelous, miraculous, inconceivably powerful force the world has ever known.\”

There is a concept called \”Fantasy – Theory – Fact.\” The premise underlying this concept is that everything has its origination in the form of Fantasy, which some adventurous souls dare turn into a theory and then boldly turn into fact. Give this serious thought for a moment.

The idea of moon landings, communicating by email, traveling on jets, cellular phones or wearing synthetic garments was, a very short time ago, sheer fantasy. Today, they are considered commonplace.

Your marvelous mind has factors that you can, with little effort, develop to use to improve the quality of life, not just for yourself, but for anyone you choose. Imagination is one of those creative faculties. The individuals who were responsible for the conception and creation of the email, cell phones and any of the thousands of modern conveniences we enjoy today had a highly developed imagination.

Think of… Walt Disney with animation. Steve Jobs with Apple Thomas Edison with Electricity. Edmund Hilary with Mount Everest.

All of the above had one thing in common; Imagination. They saw it, they achieved it.

Fantasy – Theory – Fact.

Think of it. Figure it out. Do it.

They didn\’t listen to people who said they were mad, or wasting their time. They took no notice of the people who poured scorn on their ideas. They didn\’t listen to people who said \’that can\’t be done\’.

Do you listen to people who are negative, energy vampire, MOOD HOOVERS?? Why? They don\’t know what they are talking about. Do you get involved in arguments with people? Why? They don\’t know what they are talking about or what they are doing. They have no positive interest in you so why do you assume that anything they say should make any difference to you?

These pioneers above; Disney, Jobs, Edison…they used their mental faculties to fantasize, to build wild and wonderful pictures in their mind. Then, holding their thought with their will, they watched their fantasy unfold into a theory and then into fact. They seemed to have an innate awareness that if they could visualize it, they could do it.

Use this power to let your mind play. Fantasize a much better life than you presently enjoy. Draft your future with imagination, ponder and calculate with intelligence and awareness, then knit it with care. Next, devise paths and find tools to help get you there.

Create a vision board. Construct a board containing all of the things you want to buy, achieve and experience. One by one, or in some cases all at once, you will be able to tick off each achievement.

Commit to reach those new goals. The only barrier separating you from your goal is ignorance – ignorance of how simple, and simply powerful, your mind really is.

Think those powerful things again and again. Read the positive books again and again. Watch the great stuff again and again.

Be like a kid watching the Lion King again and again. Who knows? This time you may see something you missed last time 😉

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