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The Human Virus

You know what I mean.  In fact, some people reading this will know that it\’s them I am talking about!

It\’s the people who are nice to your face but behind the scenes they are working against you.

It\’s the scum that see you as a threat but are unaware that you see them as irrelevant.

Occasionally they break cover and you can squash them like flies.

Like a virtual STD that can infect your computer with a Malware or Spyware virus and log everything you do online.

Some of the inadequates out there can be sitting in their hovels getting massive joy from what all \’normal\’ people would call trivial matters.

You just don\’t know people do you….or do you?

I am a great believer in the Law of Attraction.  Therefore, these bastards are being attracted to me, by what I do or by my success.  Or maybe by my past contacts.

These trolls, inadequates, low-lifes are attracted to successful people like moths to a flame.  They believe that your success may rub off on them 

They also believe that they can steal your ideas.  I know someone who used to do that regularly.  He was always complaining about people eating from his table and taking the food out of his mouth.  Always food metaphors.  I remember showing him something I had created and written and within an hour it was on his website and on his wall like it was his own property.

They probably set out with great intentions to be successful but, for whatever reason, they failed.  So they think,  \”why not steal from someone who can actually \’do it\’?\”

Chances are they just gave up in the past, never knowing how near they were to success.  But they think, \”why work or strive for something when you can steal it or claim it as your own idea?\”

These are just wannabe\’s that are drawn to you and circle like a moon orbiting a planet.  They are locked on you. To your energy, enthusiasm, determination and vision.

And if you are someone who never, ever, gives in, no matter what is in your way, then they will hang around hoping you will take them through with you.  Hiding in the shadows, masking themselves with false online profiles or just blatantly exposed, they are nothing more than scum.

As I said, a virtual STD infecting you online or even over the phone, calling your clients and lying to them.

Banish them.  Block them. Never engage with them.  Cripple them.  Over time…destroy them.  They have no idea of your plans…until you strike, months or years  later.  Revenge is best served cold eh 😉

They would fare better if you could agree on one thing:  If they stop lying about you…you will stop telling the truth about them!

And the truth about them is far darker, far more unpleasant and far dirtier than anything they could cook up for you!  That\’s reality.  And reality doesn\’t lie.

But console yourself with one thought…if they can spend time monitoring you, following you, commenting about you, calling people about you…they are scared of you.

And also…the fact they are doing this means they are not busy.  You are.  So you must be doing something right lol.

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