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Together Everyone Achieves More

In building your winning team don\’t be afraid to pick people who are stronger, faster, smarter, better organized, braver, more ambitious, funnier or more pleasant than you are.

Ask your best people for recommendations. Always opt for quality.

Remember to delegate.  Giving people tasks gives them a purpose.  When they have a purpose they become responsible.  When they have a purpose they see the future.

You want your team to be built on excellence. You want your team built with members of merit and character.

Resist those who propose membership based upon patronage, politics, quotas or diversity without reason.

Excellence is excellence and is not subject to conditions of race, colour, creed, national origin, etc. If someone is the best-qualified person to fulfil the team\’s mission, then, that\’s what they are. If they are not, they are not. It is no surprise that there are many people with really high IQ’s working for people with really low IQ’s. The people with the high EQ, Emotional Quotient, are the real leaders. They know how to make people work together.

The high EQ people know how the whole game is played and they draw the best out of their people and they are not afraid to have the more ‘intelligent’ working for them.

Of course, the people with the high IQ know how long it takes two men to fill a bath with water halfway up a mountain in a thunderstorm but…that’s not going to improve business is it?

What would improve business?

Having the EQ skills to get the two guys to fill a bath with water halfway up a mountain in a thunderstorm in the first place!

And when you are ready…You and your team….Then… Carpe Jugular….Seize the Throat A fact of life is that at times we may all do or say things that let the side down, this is human nature. But when the dust settles and the sky clears you must know which side your batting for, and so must the team. You need to be able to trust every member in the team to pull his or her weight. To do their best and to get the job done. Remember, loyalty and respect are things that can take along time to gain, but sadly they can be lost over night or in a second. You have been warned!

Be ready. There is no better time to start taking positive action than right now.

You can\’t change yesterday but you can build tomorrow today.

You research and you seek advice while realizing that a time comes when you must act.

Don\’t procrastinate. Live in the moment. Do what you are doing now. Work now. Enjoy now.

Understand that to know and to act are one and the same.

When you feel that you should change a bad habit, seize the moment and do it.

When you feel like exercising, seize the moment and do it.

When you feel like finally doing something that you have been putting off, seize the moment and do it.

If you can help someone out, do it.

If you can start practising a new skill, do it.

Fully participate in the present. Don\’t worry about the past or future. You are ready now.

If you drive down a motorway looking in the rear view mirror you won\’t get far before you hit something or career off the road.

Looking back will only give you a sprained neck.

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