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Slight of Mind Events

FIREWALKING – The Ultimate Event The features of Fire walking are that it is a very spectacular, high profile, media friendly event. The training, although geared towards fire walking can be utilised in all walks of life. Though the training is indoor the firewalk itself is an outdoor activity and for safety must be ran after nightfall. The benefits of Fire walking are that you step outside of your comfort zone, gaining the innate recognition that ‘anything is possible’ once you believe it to be so. In doing so, your comfort zone increases in size to incorporate something as extreme as fire walking. This results in anything less than walking on red-hot coals (i.e.: less extreme) being achievable. The training for fire walking assists you to overcome whatever challenges and ‘self imposed roadblocks’ are in your way. “If you can do this, you can do anything!!”

BOARDBREAKING – Smashing through Challenges The features of Boardbreaking are that you are led from your normal state to one of total empowerment. By focusing on results rather than obstacles, you are guided through a series of exercises and mind altering and state changing strategies to empower you towards breaking through long held limiting beliefs! This training can be run at any time of the day in an indoor or outdoor environment. The benefits are that you believe that anything is possible and a ‘can do’ mentality prevails. By smashing through the board, which is a metaphor for a ‘problem’ you will realise that all of life’s problems are now ‘challenges’ and everything is accomplishable. A positive and radical change is evident in you from that moment on, be it best practice, customer relations through to an ‘anything is possible’ way of working. This is a specific goal orientated session, excellent for raising business and personal standards to a level not before achieved.

GLASSWALKING – The Cutting Edge Event The features of Glasswalking are that this event is a very deep and relaxing sedate training session, designed for a quiet, reticent, or introspective audience. The Autogenic redactional training can be run at anytime of the day in an indoor or outdoor environment. The benefits of Glasswalking are that the idea of walking on glass would not have been considered possible until the redactional training and relaxation techniques which can be used and repeated at any time needed. As stress is the number one killer in the western world the relaxation techniques used have a life enhancing quality and the inner energy that flows from the exercises which changes your perception of the world around you making you a calmer and more energized person.

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