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SKYWIRE is a weekly google hangout that I take part in on an irregular basis.

It\’s a great chat as so many interesting and intelligent people take part like the host  +Marilyn Shannon and guests like +Katrina Pfannkuch +Adelheid Hörnlein +Margherita Crystal Lotus +Gail Harris to name just a few.  It\’s on Thursdays at 4pm GMT so do the math or click on Google to work out your time zone to catch it.

Today was part two of Surrealism and the impact (or not) of surreal occurrences or surreal behaviours in our lives and how we deal with them.  It was a fantastic chat with so many different and diverse opinions of what surrealism is in reality.

In my Seminars I deal with reality. A persons\’ reality is usually different to how they see it themselves.  We live in a real world, and that is our reality.  A surreal occurrence happens occasionally.  Surreal is best described as a confection of totally incompatible forms or things, all occurring together .  When you think about it, life is exactly that.  There isn\’t necessarily any correlation between the things in our lives, apart from us.  We are the connector of the real and Surreal.  As long as we can identify the surreal and see that it may not be real we are OK.  There is always an explanation for things that are unknown, weird, synchronistic, etc but what if we just accepted them?  They happen, they occur, no reason to look for hidden meanings or rationality, just accept that they occur occasionally and use them, or discard them.

We can explain some things like synchronicity, seeing things again and again, or patterns of behaviours by choosing to lead with the Reticular Activating System that filters information into our brains.  Maybe we should just go with the flow.

We did a very brief exercise in surrealism where we discussed whether a table can run faster than a chair, or if a TV would beat a DVR player in a fight, and even what colour \’surprise\’ was.  Either side of that we were talking with logical, cogent, prescient thoughts and ideas.  It was a great example as to how the human brain can drop reality and freestyle in a Surreal manner as quickly as flicking on a switch.

As you can see, not only do we have fun, but we have a great set of minds on the guest list who stretch the boundaries of thought consistently on a weekly basis….Maybe you should join us?

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