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Reflection on Transformation

Image by Angela Goodeve

After a few weeks of travelling and presenting Transformation seminars in Jersey and in London I am glad to be able to say, I am home for a week.

I came home from the London seminar just in time to take part in a Google Hangout with +Connie Avila-Von Leitner for her #GlobalTransformationShow.  It was a pleasure and an honour to speak with her about Transformation. The result can be seen on my website here: or on Connies site at ConnieImage or on YouTube. Connie is a very intelligent and knowledgeable lady and it was great to hangout with her and talk about a subject that is core to both of our businesses.

The Jersey seminar was a blast, as you can read from my previous post.  This was a seminar for personal Transformation and used the pure HPT-Transformation program.

The London Seminar was \”Transforming Bosses into Leaders\”. An unusual concept as most people only tend to consider someone else as a boss or a leader but here, we presented a program to people, managers and directors who are already in a position of \’authority\’ but want to run their company from a position of Leader rather than Boss.

It is clear to see that the distinction between Boss and Leader is evident in our society and the benefits of being a Leader rather than a Boss are important, not only to the people being led but the person leading.

The qualities are quite different, and the abilities are different, but dealing with the mindset is another thing entirely and it was a very valuable seminar for all concerned, especially US as we learn just as much as the people we teach.

The Consortium will be rolling out the new \’Transforming Bosses into Leaders\’ program soon and further information will be available on the website.

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