Persuasion Engineering Part 2 – The Details

As I said previously Persuasion Engineering (Trans: Mind Hacking) I had made a number of discoveries…and why shouldn\’t I have…I regarded myself as some mad scientist who used other peoples brains and minds as my laboratories.  In doing so, what were some of the things I had discovered?

The brain responds excellently to pink.  This is a scientific fact, from a real research laboratory, not one of MY laboratories.  Pink is a very tranquillising colour which produces a pattern of brain waves unlike any other.

Put that one down to the evolution of Man….

Ancient civilisations would have seen a pink sky at sunset and sunrise and given the ambient light it would have associated pink with sleep and relaxation.  If you want to keep the status quo, keep everything in harmonic balance, Pink is a colour to have around 

There is one particular shade or hue of pink called Baker-Miller pink that is the most powerful.  It is also sometimes called \’Drunk Tank pink\’, as violent offenders moods have been calmed merely by putting them in a room painted this colour.  I only EVER wore shirts of that colour, be they business shirts or polo shirts as you can see from this photograph that appeared on the previous blog post:

The science that underlies all of this is on going.  Research focusing on metabolic changes in neurotransmitters such as serotonin and norepinephrine, or in the hormones serving the hypothalamus, that part of the brain that oversees the emotions, seem to show Pink as nature\’s Prozac.  Sci