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Hello Closers, It\’s that time of the month again, so use MaxiWings for better protection! No, seriously, it\’s… AUTOPSY OF THE MONTH Are all Autopsys bad? Well…

Donald Trump recently bought a Mercedes McLaren for himself for his birthday; the price was $550,000K. Do you think he sold his Mercedes Maybach 900K to pay for the McLaren? Do you think he sold one of his properties? Aabsolutely not. He simply said I want it and I\’ll have it, and I\’ll have it now! By the way \”The Close\” on this deal was brilliant. He walked into the dealership to look for a birthday present for himself. [No one is just looking – watch the movie called Suckers] Now what was beautiful is the salesperson quite obviously knew who Donald Trump is and knew he wasn\’t there just to look if he found something to his liking. Here is the story as related by the news media with my adaptation. The salesperson said \”Mr. Trump may I show you something?\”. Trump said \”Yes do you have anything special?\” The salesman said \”We have One [Exclusivity] of the new Mc Laren SLR\” and proceeded to show him the car. Now he let Trump take in the car, feast on the color and waited, waited and waited without saying a word. Remember the basic skill, when you ask for the sale, either by word of sight, shut the fuck up! Finally, Trump said it looks nice but there\’s really nothing special about it[exclusivity]. Trump spoke first, he loses. \”Oh Mr. Trump, it is simply the most exclusive car ever built said the salesperson.\” And with that proceed to hit the switch on the keys and up popped the gull wings, trunk and hood ! [ the Showmanship]Donald Trump bought the McLaren SLR on the spot. Now, the sales person could have gone into the specs of the car i.e. horsepower 617 bhp, or the fact it will do 0 to 60 in 3.8 sec. or the fact it gets 13 to 18 mpg. However, none of this was important to Donald Trump because…. Trump said it \’looked\’ nice. Visual! The salesman made the car do something even more visual, Trump bought it! Put On A Show, Go Home With The Dough! To illustrate this \”The Donald\” had it delivered on his birthday in front of his building Trump Towers! He used his birthday present to himself to feel good, and to look good; all the while he was truly enhancing the Trump brand! If you \”Close\” with professionally presented showmanship at an appropriate time you will \”Close every time. The great late Harvey Rigby, a personal friend and mentor to me said it perfectly once, Push Yourself and Keep your Word! Who said Autopsy was a bad thing? DM

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