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Levels of Awareness

There are lots of books/seminars/audio programs telling people about the secret to happiness

(most are taught by people who have deep inner unhappiness).

Let me tell you instead the secret to Unhappiness (that I learned from my Mentor):……

\’Try to please everyone.\’ 

I guarantee that if you try to please everyone, you will end up pleasing nobody, not even yourself.

Think about this. There really are only 3 \”main\” levels of awareness. There are those who are obsessed (to various degrees) with how other people perceive them, think about them, talk about them. Other people have complete control over these people’s emotions. If someone says something bad about them, does something bad to them, insults them, disrespects them etc, they feel miserable. Is this you to some degree? 

Then there are those who only think and care about how they think of and perceive others. What people think or say about them is not relevant and has no impact on these people. These people do not care what anyone thinks of them. They are focused on what THEY think of THEM. This gives you more power. No one then has any control or impact on your emotions. You are in control.

Then there are those who understand that we are all \”one\” awareness/consciousness. That we are all the SAME SELF. Thus these people only focus on SELF, from a witness/observer perspective. Thus they focus on loving at all times SELF, without condition and without exception. They see their physical \”body\” and all other physical \”bodies\” as costumes of the same SELF, and from the perspective of SELF, they witness and observe it all. This is ultimate power.

If a person is at level 1, their emotions will always be a roller coaster and they will never feel in control and at peace. They will never feel lasting satisfaction and contentment. The less you are of level 1 and the more you are of level 2, the more lasting inner bliss you will experience. Getting to level 3 even to some degree will open up a new Universe for you. 

The HOW to do this is being taught in the HPT-Transformation Seminar, part of which you will find HERE

I look forward to working with you…somewhere…

Dave Moore

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