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Do You Need to Fire Your Employer?

If you\’re involved in sales for your company, think about all the things your employer does for you. Your employer pays for virtually 100% of your training, your marketing, your gas and cell phone expenses, as well as client lunches and entertainment. Your employer invests hundreds of dollars per month in your career, yet knowingly allows you to: – waste time or blow off work. – go home early or come in late. – stand around and complain with other salespeople. – pad your call reports. – perform at a level far below your potential.

Whoa! Why would an employer pay for all this, then allow you to waste that investment? Do you really want to work for someone who says they want you to succeed, then knowingly allows you to do those things that lead to failure? What kind of employer does that? Unfortunately, the one for which the majority of sellers work. And if you work for that person, you have no one to blame except yourself – because you\’re the boss.

You are your own mini company with a single client – the one that you sell for today. You\’re leasing yourself, your knowledge, and your skills to this firm. If you have strong relationships with your prospects and clients, you\’re also leasing them to your client. When you revoke your lease to the company you currently sell for and take on a new client, you take all your training, skills and abilities with you – as well as your clients. That means that one hundred percent of the time, money and energy you invest in your sales business is for your benefit – not the company for whom you sell. No matter your product or service, you\’re the boss. As such, you must hold yourself accountable for your actions and investments in you – your company.Do you demand the best from yourself, or do you allow yourself to go through the motions of selling? Do you seek to get the most from the time and money you invest, or are you satisfied to just get by? As an employee, are you happy with your employer? Do think your boss demands enough from you and helps you achieve your full potential?

Just because you receive a paycheck doesn\’t mean that you aren\’t self-employed. In reality, you sign your own commission check. The company you\’re leasing yourself to simply verify your earnings and then signs them back over to you.Don\’t be fooled into believing that you work for IBM, GE, Microsoft or any other “employer” other than yourself. You\’re your own CEO and, like any other CEO, you must demand the best. If your company isn\’t capable or willing to hold you accountable, maybe it\’s time to fire your employer!

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