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Calm Before The Storm

Some people!

I get emails asking me: Have you stopped writing on here?  Err…No! 😉 Are you ill? What?  Because I haven\’t posted for a couple of weeks?  (I don\’t \’do\’ illness!) Are you doing something else?  As opposed to doing what I do?  Never!

It\’s amazing how a lack of input on a blog makes people think you have moved on…even only after a couple of weeks…

…so, No. 

I have not stopped writing on here 😉 I have not been ill (just busy) 😉 I would never do something other than what I do now!;-)))))

Things have been pretty quiet on this blog in February.  That has been because of work committments here at The Moore Consortium.

Having spent the last month working with some very interesting and diverse groups of people

I am going to be telling you some very interesting stories….. Stay tuned!



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