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Are you Getting what You Want?

Well? Are You?  Or, are you depriving yourself from getting what you want by not asking for it?

How many times are you really specific?  I mean REALLY specific?  Answer: a lot less times than you think.

Attitude, surprisingly enough (!), plays a large part in this. 

What do you see written here?:

Do you see \’Opportunity is Nowhere\’? Good. If you like that sort of thinking…..

But, do you know what is better?  What you SHOULD be reading?

\’Opportunity Is Now Here!\’

It\’s your choice, you decide, your conscious and unconscious minds conspire to read whatever it thinks you want to read. 

Opportunity abounds.  Opportunity is everywhere.  Opportunity is in every situation you find yourself in.  Do you see it? Would you take it? 

I ask people what they want out of life and a lot of times people say \’Money\’.  I always ask \’How Much?\’ and I get the same answer more often than not…\’Lots of money\’.

To a beggar on the streets, one pound or dollar is a lot of money.  Would you classify it as a lot of money?  No?  Then what is a lot of money? Be SPECIFIC.

If you want to get \’something\’ out of a situation, be specific about what it is you want.  If you want to lose weight, be specific about how much weight.  If you want to make more money, be specific about how much. 

Give your dreams some idea of what reality is and they will become reality.

Why don\’t you use what I call \’the Starbucks Method\’?

When you go into Starbucks and the Barista asks you what you want, do you say \’Well, I don\’t want a Latte, and I don\’t want a Mocha, and I don\’t want an espresso…\’ until all that is left is the Cappuccino that you want?  No! You say: \’grande Cappuccino please\’.  thats it…specific!

If you want the universe to work for you then ask it for something.  But, give it a clue.  FOCUS on what you want, not what you don\’t want. Ask for what you want and be Specific. Take some action to make it happen.

The Universe is there to help you.

When you think the Universe is ignoring you, not listening or not delivering…wake up!  Has it occured to you that you may need to get out of its , both physically and mentally so it CAN help you?  You could be your own barrier to success. 

Change your mindset….MOVE!

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