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The Glasswalk Experience is one of the most unreal and mind altering events run by The Moore Consortium.


If you want an event that is fun, different and a 'cut above' all others, one that is totally different from

anything you have seen or experienced before: Then ask for it to be included in your event now.


The reason that a Glasswalk event is so successful is because it is so unique.


Whatever challenges you may face as an individual or as a company are far outweighed by the challenges

you will face to walk on broken glass and that is the difference that makes the difference.


The training session is tailored to your participants needs, the venue, and any special requirements that

you may have. Glasswalking is absolutely astounding and thoroughly exhilarating. It is also deeply calming,

due to the 'cutting edge', Auto-Genic, relaxation techniques, which you can use in all areas of your life.



Courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to act in spite of fear.


Forget any other event you may have organised in the past. Prepare to be challenged, amazed and excited. Expect the unexpected. Commit yourself to one thing: listen. Listen to us, and feel safe in the knowledge that you could achieve everything that you want to with REGENERETICS.


For more in depth information on how a Glasswalk can be integrated into your event please contact us via the email link on the home page or just click HERE.

England Footballer Ian Wright

with Dave Moore: walking on Broken Glass

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