Ever since I have known Terry he has been

I don\’t see him very often (little wonder) but when i do his constant \”oh poor me\” attitude, and how horribly he is suffering is actually amazing to watch.

To me, Everything in life is simply what you make of it. Everything you are dealing with is what you decide it will be. You and only you have to power to decide how you are going to react or respond to whatever you are facing in your life.

A discussion started over dinner with a few academics in a local restaurant last night about being optimistic or pessimistic. The usual arguments about \”realistic\” and dealing with the facts and the true undeniable reality were vigorously debated.

Then they came up the analogy of the glass being half empty or half full.

Everyone had an interesting opinion. I simply listened to this discussion and remained silent. No one asked my opinion to begin with because they all know what i do for a living and I felt no need to give one. I listened intently to understand and appreciate everyone\’s various viewpoints and ideas. I learned a lot.

As the \”debate\” was winding to a close, one of my friends asked me to comment and I said \” Well, as a matter of fact you all are missing the point about the glass being half full or half empty. That does not matter. What matters is you can always refill the glass!\”

Everyone was silent.

Me? I was just so thankful for suddenly discovering this wonderful new example of TRUTH in my head.

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