The Power of a Question

Questions are the key to everything.

Ask a great question, you’ll get a great answer. Something you can work with.

Ask a rubbish question, and you’ll get the answer you deserve.

This is a basic lesson for all door to door salespeople.  ENGAGE BRAIN BEFORE PUTTING MOUTH INTO GEAR!

I was standing in the dining room with some friends one day and as I walked out to the hallway there was a knock at the door. When I opened it there was a very presentable middle aged man from a local double glazing/ replacement window company who really should have known better!

“I’m not selling anything.” He said.

What a start! Pull yourself up from that one!

“I happen to be in the area and I notice that you have quite new windows. Are you looking to have any more fitted?” “So you are selling double-glazing?” I asked.  No point in telling him I had just completed 6 months training three of the Double Glazing companies in the area in how to sell their products more successfully….

“I could give you a quote on some windows. In fact we have an offer on right now that would be hard to beat.” He smiled; unaware that he had exposed his opening statement as a lie. Who buys from liars? (I know, but not obvious liars!)

“How much did these windows cost?” he asked.

I told him it was quite a while ago that they were installed and that I would have to check.  When I came back out I told him it was the windows at front and back of the house and a security door that had come to £11,000.

He then went into, “we could have done it for less, we have special offers, what a shame…” mode. I asked him to measure up and quote me, as I was curious. This he did and after much tapping on his calculator he looked very sheepish and apologetic and said, \”Well, we could have done the same job for £7000!” and produced the calculator with a flourish to prove his point. “Great!” I said, “I’ll take it. I live over the road. The house is identical.”

I don’t know if you have ever seen, in a cartoon, a characters face change colour like water or sand draining out of a glass but this guy did the same thing. Then he did the motorboat impression. “But…but…but…but…”

It took a few seconds but he finally said, “But, I thought you lived here?” “Why did you think that?” I asked him. “I just opened the door. Shall we go?”

After a few minor adjustments the final bill was £7650. I wonder what it would have been if he had known ‘The Power of a Question’?

Rule one of door to door selling: “Good morning Sir, are you the homeowner?”….QUALIFY!

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