Will it be you who will shape your life, or will you let circumstance shape your life for you?

Many people live day to day without a real sense of purpose. They know that they want more out of life, but they can’t seem to put a finger on exactly what it is. They believe their fate is due to a lack of career, money or the freedom to do what they want, how they want.

Actually, what they may be longing for is a purpose in life, a mission and a target to aim for.

In a football match, neither side would win if they didn\’t have goal posts to aim at!

Look at any other sport.  It wouldn\’t be much of a competition if there were no targets at the archery event.

When you have a mission, you have a core passion that gives you vision. With this vision you are able to move gracefully through your goals.

You are able to embrace each task with joy, knowing that when completed, you are one step closer to completing your mission.

This helps you stay focused until the task is done. It also makes you feel valued, worthy and respectable. You manage to keep your head up and others notice you.

So what is your mission?

Respect your life enough to pursue a meaningful mission. Respect yourself enough to give yourself a set goal. Write your goals down. Visualize the attainment of your goals often.

Goals are dreams with deadlines attached.

Commit yourself by sharing your goals with others. Every day, you\’re one day closer. You will only become as great as the goals you choose.

Decide today where you will end up. Think BIG.

How can you reach for a star if you’re not sure which star you want to grab?

Have you GOT a target?  Are you just drifting and grateful for whatever happens?  That is no way to go through life.

Lets go back on Archery.  Have you ever heard of Howard Hill?

That\’s him on the left of the picture teaching Errol Flynn how to use a long bow for Robin Hood. Howard Hill was the greatest archer the world had ever seen.  He was the first man to kill a great white shark with a bow and arrow.  He could hit ANYTHING.  He was the guy who first hit the bullseye with one arrow and then split that first arrow with his second shot.

He could hit the bullseye on more consecutive occasions than anyone else alive!

Yet here\’s the thing.  I can get you to hit the target more often than Howard Hill, at his very best!


Well, I would have to blindfold him, and spin him around until he was dizzy first.

Yeah, \”that\’s cheating\” you say, and you are right.  How could he possibly hit a target he couldn\’t see?

Tell me, How can YOU hit a target IF YOU DON\’T HAVE ONE?

Got it? 😉

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