Happy New Year

Well how was your Christmas and New Year. Mine was good and now with 2010 here I have major plans both business wise and personal. Business will be discussed on here, personal is mine so it wont be!! Ha Ha. I saw the new year in coughing my guts up and wheezing from a cough that developed the day before but now, as I write, I have beaten it with something called Benalyn Mucus (Catchy title, huh?). It was recommended to me by the pharmacist in Boots the Chemist on New Years Day. \”It\’s the best\” she said before finding that they had sold out. She then shouted across the store, \”Can someone check if we have any Mucus out in the Storeroom?\” That was a head turner!!!! They didnt…so I bought it in Sainsbury\’s. If you get a cough, buy it…it kicks ass!!

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