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Being a trainer I am aware of how hard it can be sometimes to teach people skills. The reason for that is that you hear a lot of negativity. People have a lot of negativity in their lives and occasionaly they get subliminal messages from peers, friends and loved ones that will, for whatever reason, make them question their abilities and hold them back. Normally I shrug off negativity or destructive dialog because it is nothing to do with me and doesn\’t impact my life because I don\’t let it. But, when you are involved in teaching, training or coaching you cannot ignore it because it impacts the people you are training and makes your job harder. When a group of people talk about voices in their heads or peer pressure, it tends to cloud their judgement about what they are reading, and what they are learning. When I ask them what that voice tells them I tend to hear stuff like; 1. This doesn\’t work 2. I cant do that 3. I don\’t believe that this works 4. I already know that and its crap 5. I cant say that 6. These gurus are shit they all lie 7. Hypnosis is bad AND it doesn\’t exist! 8. NLP is rubbish and it doesn\’t work 9. Ross Jeffries is shit 10. You are friends with Ross Jeffries? Is he really nuts? 11. Wheres my comfort blanket? 12. I wanna go hooooommme!!! Sometimes it feels like you are banging your head against a wall when you hear this crap. The reason it does work is because people pay me to teach them how it works. Why do people pay to learn something they then tell other people doesn\’t work? They are only showing that they make bad decisions. They also show people that they are in a loop of negation. Truth is…Of course it works, otherwise we wouldn\’t all be getting the amazing results we are. The people who say all of the crap listed above; 1. Don\’t get it. 2. They don\’t know how to get it 3. They don\’t know what to do to get it. 4. They wouldn\’t know what to do with it once they\’ve got it. That brings me to you soldier…do you get it? Do you understand it? Do you really, sincerely, understand what it is and how to get it? There is this belief that there is a magic pill, a magic bullet, some hocus pocus spell you can cast, some dark hidden pattern that will make every person you speak to buy from you with little or no effort and I don\’t care if you are selling double glazing, insurance, cars or yourself. Do you want the language pattern that will make people love you and admire you, every time you use it? Do you want the pattern that will make every woman become a mad eyed Glenn Close-like stalker that watches your every move through some pretty impressive binoculars she bought on ebay? Do you want that Magic Punch that will knock out your opponent, whether its Mike Tyson or Bruce Lee? Thing is Shylock, I can teach you that punch, but by the time you have them in the position to land it, you will have spent more time on canvas than Leonardo Da Vinci. Even if I teach you the punch you have to learn all the other aspects of martial art, or boxing, so that you can manoeuvre your opponent into a position to land it and protect yourself at the same time. You need a shit load of other skills apart from the one magic punch. So keep searching pal, you wont find it. You see, these embedded commands, language patterns etc all work to some extent but you need a load of other stuff to pull them off. These magic pills/punches/bullets work, to an extent. Some of them work better than others. Some of them will not work on their own as long as you have a hole in your backside. You need to set them up and deliver the material the right way and not just launch a pattern. Its easy to BS the tactics, ideas, techniques, tips and tools on here and the ones posted on the yahoo group by some really terrific people and say, IT DONT WORK, but you want the real answer?? Its about you! You have no control over what anyone else thinks, feels or does to or for you. You only have control over yourself. When you have control over yourself you can then…influence. Nothing has any meaning except the meaning you give it. You control how you react and feel. 1st option: If you have control over how you appear, carry yourself, your beliefs, your intent, your energy; you can influence other people to see you in a manner you decide you want to be seen in. If you act and really believe you are an authority, someone who is exciting and fun to be around, someone who can help, someone who \’they\’ should buy from guess what…they start to see you like that too. 2nd option: If you try (what a bad word that is) to convince people of all of that…you will crash and burn, badly, and then you will start saying, IT DONT WORK, ITS RUBBISH, ETC. In the first option, you are living breathing proof that you are that person and other people choose to believe it. In the second option you will be forever trying to prove you are that person and you will wait a long while for other people to believe it, if they ever do. Its not JUST about what you say. Its about WHO YOU ARE WHEN YOU SAY IT, DO IT, FEEL IT AND GET IT! If you want a short sharp lesson in what to do, how to get what you want and how to keep those multiple streams of business alive and well and living in your life then understand that all of those things you reckon dont work DO. All those things you think cant be done CAN. And that at the same time as you think things like THIS IS CRAP, IT DONT WORK, ITS SHIT, there are hundreds, thousands, of people living the life that you should be living. Be one of them.

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