Influence, persuasion, coercion, call it what you want.

So many times, on a daily basis, we are bombarded with ideas and information to the point of overload.  We spend a lot of time filtering out and filtering in things that are either of use to us or not.

One of the main factors of development is knowing what we want.  When we are certain that what we think and believe are in alignment with each other we function superbly.  It is when an outside influence, certainly of a negative nature, impacts our rationale that we have an imbalance and we are susceptible to making quite damaging decisions based upon false beliefs that have been instilled in an insidious way, by subterfuge from an external source.

Just like a Trojan Horse, an idea or belief arrives looking like something we have been seeking, only for thousands of bad strategies and ideas to leap out from inside and attack the very core of our being.

It is very important to keep an open mind in life: but not open enough so that anything can slip into it unchecked.

We have to be sure and certain of our own thoughts, ideas, feelings, emotions and beliefs and have confidence in our choices.  In the world today there are many options, presented by many people as the \’new, new, thing\’.  Be aware and alert at all times.

Not all of those ideas and people are there to help you.  They are there to help themselves.

\”If you do not control your thoughts and feelings…there are thousands of people who will!\”

Keep being EPIC in all that you do…


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